Professional Excavation Company

I’m Diggin’ It, LLC

Large or Small Excavating Services

Looking for the Best excavation company? Trust the team at I’m Diggin’ It, LLC to efficiently handle all your jobs, such as driveway construction, utility trenching, ground moving, site prep, tree stump removal, land clearing and much more.

I’m Diggin’ It is locally owned and operated in Jackson County.

Do you need your permits for your project; Don’t worry about obtaining them, I’m Diggin’ It, LLC will get it done for you!

Excavation Company in Southern Oregon

  • Utility Trenching
  • Ponds
  • House pad cutting
  • Driveways
  • Land Clearing
  • Stump Removal
  • Ground Moving
  • Site Prep
  • Septic System Prep
  • Grading

Using Big Equipment to Move Ground Will Save Your Back and Time

Excavators are heavy construction equipment that can move rocks, soil, trees, blackberry bushes, and other obstacles on your land.

Some of the equipment you might see used at a work site are graders, trenchers, bulldozers, backhoes and excavators. There are wheeled and track excavators. Mini and larger excavators. These machines dig much better than using hand tools, saving hours or days of work. Excavators perform other various tasks with special tools such as hydraulic breakers, cutters, shears, grapples, couplers, augers, dragline, trenchers, etc. With many attachments excavators can complete a wider range of jobs.